New News Blog!

Hello Everyone,

This is just a quick post to say what this blog is all about. I’ve started this blog ahead of my site revamp, which I’m doing ahead of new writing submissions this year, to make my site more professional looking for those interested in purchasing my writing.

Those who may know me maybe wondering, not another blog she already has three! Well it’s not really a new blog, it’s a new news blog. The MySpace Blog I’ve been using for general news for nearly 2 years has become tiresome to use. I only really log into MySpace now to do news updates and since I’m letting go of the affiliate/profile model of generating money it made sense to let go of this too.

In rethinking the Niamh Brown site my love of Word Press has led me create a replacement here, as I can manage them all under one roof in a much easier format. I will be updating my MySpace profile with my new Bio, which will be coming shortly but not just yet.

I doubt I’ll repost the old news here, but I’ll link to the MySpace blog so you can get back to earlier work if your interested, but I quite like the idea of a clean slate now I’m stepping up a gear in my writing career.

I will be keeping my ‘For the Hole Inside Everyone‘ blog, which is going to be on a low priority for now, but it will still collect my reflections and thoughts as I journey through life that I feel might help others (and should latter become a blook). I felt I didn’t want to dilute it with the news items spanning all my work/life. This separation issue was the only reason I kept the MySpace blog going as long as I did, but now I feel this solution is the best of both worlds.

Well, as for my first piece of writing news I’m currently typing up a short story I’ve written on the train to work over the past week in my new job (It’s going really well so far) and I should be editing it and submitting it shortly to various markets once I’ve updated the copy on my website a bit more. More news on that shortly.

Anyway this is it for now. Feel free to add this blog as an RSS feed as this will be the one stop shop for knowing everything going on in the Niamh Network!



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