10 Years of Independence and IT

It occurred to me this week that today ten years ago was the first time I walked into my own apartment and started my journey into adulthood.

Coincidently the very next day I started my career in IT by taking a course through the job centre in IT systems and programming which covered C, HTML and Javascript: the first computer languages I ever learned.

It amazing to me as I look back on those times how this humble beginning would a decade later lead me to where I am now; in a beautiful Scandinavian house in the country, to finding my partner (we met at university, which this first course allowed me to get into) and to a high paying job in another country!

They say it take 10 years to get really good at something…it’s nice to break that barrier for the first time in my life in a professional environment.

Only a year later in 2000 did I start to write ‘seriously’ so I think it will be an interesting year for my writing too.

Go me! 😉

http://www.niamhbrown.com http://www.niamhstudios.com


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