Version 2.0 Release!

I’ve been spending the last few weeks preparing my central site ahead of my writing submissions that should be starting shortly (my first short story just has a few edits by my brilliant proof reader of a partner and I’m ready to send it off)

I’ve finally got the first stage of the revamp done, which was updating the copy based on my new situation at home and work, reducing the menu to only what is relevant right now and setting up this new news blog. You might even notice there is a new image of me on the top left! šŸ˜‰

The home page is now this blog so when you go straight to the root domain you can see all the latest news for the revamp straight away now. If you subscribe to the RSS feed you can get all news direct to your reader too.

Anyway this is all I can think of right now to say about it. The next revision should have a lot more code/db work done to it. However check out the menu links on the site, or the pages on this blog (they are the same pages) as a lot of the copy there has been revised (that is of course if your interested!)

Take care.



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