New Blog Post: Just Enough Pain

Hi All,

After a couple of weeks of not having the energy beyond work I’m back with a new post. I’m still struggling a bit heath wise, but this turn round the wheel is past the worst I feel, so hopefully the website should have a bit more activity soon. Apart from spending a lot of time learning cover songs on the guitar (and even writing a new song myself, which I’m quite pleased with) I managed to write up another post at For The Hole Inside Everyone called ‘Just Enough Pain‘.

I’m kind of pleased where this blog is going. I now feel it has a real theme that has evolved slowly over time and it’s been rather therapeutic to be able to write about my experiences and pass on the reflections that I know have changed me in some way. I’ve also noticed that I was going to leave this blog as a low proirty in my Resolutions for 2009 , but having taken the pressure off me to write, going through the emigration process and the never ending cycles of my health, it has been of some importance in a way that I hadn’t noticed. (See: The Need for Something Needless)

I would also have to say the same for the guitar. I’ve reached a point now where I can pay some of the acoustics covers well enough to really let go of the technique and throw myself into the song. That liberating process is something I’ve been missing lately and I remember again why I used to play everyday as a teenager.

Anyway, thanks to all those who drop by and leave comments about my blog. It really does encourage me to keep going and I’m glad that some of you have enjoyed what I’ve had to say.

Peace, Niamh xxx


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