New Section: Quotes and Notes

Hi All,

I’m off sick for the the rest of the week as the fibro is acting up and I started going through piles of quotes and notes I have on my desk and randomly dispersed on my PC. I decided I wanted to share them as I thought were worth writing down. As this includes notes and ideas that float through my brain at some point there is a number of my own in the mix as well.

However the idea is really to share some words that inspired me. If you like it and have some of your own (or some updates for me where info is missing) then comment on the page (and sign up to the page RSS). That way we can grow the list together. I love a good quote so hit me!

There will be a number of topics, the first one of which is ‘Life and Love‘ which is also a mix of philosophy, love, self help and personal development. There are plans for a writing and poker section coming soon too once I have enough built up.

Click the ‘Quotes and Notes‘ link to view the new section, it’s also on the right sidebar.

Peace, Niamh xxx


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