Enabling People To Share Information That Can Improve The Lives Of Patients Diagnosed With Life-Changing Diseases

Hej Folks,

As you all know I suffer with the Auto-Immune Diseases Fibromyalgia and ME. I was watching a recent Ted Talk and found this wonderful site: I rushed out an created a profile and added it to my website. I will be filling out more details of my contions and sharing my data publically for the benefit of others. You can see my PLM Profile here or on the new ‘Fibro’ link on my menu on my website.

Anyway that’s all I really had to share for now, but I already recommend this site it to anyone with any life changing condition, as it not just for my particular disease. It’s incredible and check out the Ted Talk for more details on how it works and the amazing breakthrough they have done.

Peace, Niamh xx

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