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For The Hole Inside Everyone


About 6 months ago +Ted Ewen and I brought tickets to see Bon Iver as a warm up gig for the Tull Concert we were to attend at the Falconer Salen towards the end of the month. The fact we could both go for the price of one handicap seat was the deciding factor in the end. When we booked, after we confirmed there was disabled seating as the rest of the hall was standing, it was at a time when we had more income coming in. This was before the shock of my sick-pay being cut in half after 6 months without warning (and was delayed six weeks – the result of which nearly cost us our house).

So when we went to the Bon Iver concert we had no money for food or anything and if it wasn’t for our rejsekort (travel card) we wouldn’t even have the…

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The Hermit Studios


Image via +James Bean

What is written below came on the heels of not only Obama’s victory in the 2012 elections, but also of a personal one. After many attempts to gain a degree in IT after decades working with computers (but failing to graduate due to disability and introversion so bad that he often can’t leave the house) it looks like finally +Ted Ewen will get his dream. Teachers at his University have agreed to provide one-on-one tutoring to help him through his Web Development course, most of which can be done at home. To celebrate we think it is only appropriate we released this post we have been working on and ask the world: how else can we make the world hermit friendly?

It is clear with the power of social networks like Google+ that it is easy to have many resources at your fingertips without…

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Hermit Studio Photography

Early in the year, when we were taking the first round of photographs for The Sunflower Project, we had been Visited by a Feral Cat who has been coming back on and off over the rest of the year.

As the temperature declined over autumn we have tried a couple of times to encourage him inside with food (tuna, ham or leverpostej/liver pate works wonders by the way). Two nights we shut him inside so he would be warm on partially cold nights. He spent the whole time underneath the couch or the bed; somewhere hidden and out of sight. We would check on him and feed him every now and then, but he was obviously scared and not used to it.

In the last week the weather has taken a turn for the worse and winter is settling in. We can tell the cold is now getting to…

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Hermit Studio


As some of you already know our studio doors officially opened today as the start of trading began. There wasn’t much to record in our first entry to the cash book beyond our first business trip to get a remote control for the camera and a new work mobile (this is so we can also develop apps for the Android market as well as iOS). However the accounting books are now done and the day is over, with a satisfied sense that the business is finally real. Yay!

We are of course still in development for our first game but you can keep up to date with any news at our Hermit Studio Games Blog, or any of the other project divisions listed on our Projects Page. There are also other ways to Support Us right now via our Support Page until we have our first open…

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For The Hole Inside Everyone

Upper Surgery Bandage

As some of you may know on Monday I under went keyhole surgery to finally determine if I had Endometriosis like my mother and cousin before me. I had a lot of symptom overlap with my Mom so all the doctors felt that I was very likely to have it given my symptoms and my reactions to the medication thus far.

We got up at 5am to get the first bus out of our village but due to the bus getting caught by every traffic light along the way we missed our train and ended up arriving at the Hospital 20 minutes late at 7:50am.

I was quickly taken into the ward to put on hospital gowns (thankfully not the kind that shows your bottom) and the one size fits all stockings that did not come close to fitting me. Once I had spoken with the Surgeon and the Anaesthetist…

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Here at last is my gift from for writing for their anthology 😀

Hermit Studio Press

So far things have been a little slow on the publishing front of Hermit Studio right now as the main focus is being put into the games and photography projects scheduled (as our first major publishing project will an an annual anthology). This week however Niamh Brown, a member of Hermit Studio, received a gift of a collection of comments handwritten in ink in a leather bound book from the good people at This was for donating her story to them for their anthology of stories of courage for people in hard times. Niamh has been seriously writing for over a decade now and although she has written online for five years this will be her first time in print once the book is released and donated to those in need.

For more details and pictures of the comments book Niamh received or to read her story go…

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News From The Magic Window: An Interesting Day To Be A Photographer

Hermit Studio Photography


Today we had a very unexepected but not unwelcome visit by a flight of 6 barn swallows, comprised of we believe two adults and the rest juveniles still in their downy feathers. They arrived not long after we had woken up and spent maybe 6 hours photographing them in our garden and over the fields surrounding the studio.

One of us was even able to slowly creep up on one of the younger swallows sitting on the washing line and got within arms length of it. They were incredibly tolerant of our prescence and were not scared in the slightest. They flew a couple of times over our heads and came pretty close to us.

We have taken litereally hundreds, if not thousands, of photographs over the course of the day as they fly so incredibly fast that you just have to use continuous shotting, point the camera and pray…

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