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Here is the revised banner since I launched the site. I did a lot of SEO reworking on the store the past few weeks and to launch the 2.1 version of the store I have a holiday sale on. Hope you all had a great Christmas, niamh brown xxx

Funny Gifts for Funny Quote Lovers! Welcome to the Wacky World of Niamh Brown!

Looking for a funny gift idea? Come this way!

This shop sells funny t-shirts, funny mugs, funny bags, funny clocks, funny pillows, funny journals and other funny gifts from my own writing that I find I would like on something around me to pick me up throughout the day.

I’ve been writing ‘seriously’ for a about a decade now and this shop is the start of an archive of quotes from my own work.

Current Product Line: Insane World

“If you are unsuccessful in an insane world you are going in the right direction”
~ Niamh Brown

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Women’s Cap Sleeve T-Shirt in 3 Colors – now $19.99, was $23.99, save over 15%!
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Insane World Mousepad now $14.99, was $16.99, save over 10%
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Insane World Beach Tote – now $27.99, was $29.99, save over 5%!
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Insane World Yellow T-Shirt – now $19.99, was $22.99, save over 10%!
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Insane World Mug – now $14.99, was $16.99, save over 10%!
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Insane World Women’s Dark Fitted T-Shirt – now $29.99, was $32.99, save over 10%!
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