New Blog Post: Occupying My Mind – Thoughts On What A World Without Money Might Be Like

Hej Folks,

I’ve been following the #OccupyMovement on Google+ and something has been perculating in the back of my mind since it started and it finally decided to pop out. I’ve been working on it for the last two weeks but I think it’s ready now to put out there.

You can see it at my blog For The Hole Inside Everyone and it is called ‘Occupying My Mind – Thoughts On What A World Without Money Might Be Like’. It may seem idealistic at times but here is a quote from it explaining why I wrote it. Comments and feedback welcomed 😀

“I got to thinking what it would be like to really wean ourselves off our addiction to money and consumerism and with the #OWS movement now out in full force campaigning for our rights to equality and justice I find myself thinking about it all over again. This process has showed me how much could be changed about our day to day lives if we didn’t use this kind of pervasive and perverse system. I think it can be handy, even just as an intellectual exercise if nothing else, to try to step outside the money way of thinking to allow mental space for the possibility of something new to grow. Just as science fition often becomes science fact, given enough time. I don’t claim to hold all the answers and there is so much out there I do not know enough about, but here is my 2 cents on the subject in the small hope it might help someone out there in a better position than I to do something about it”.

Niamh Brown