Niamh Brown Store Re-Opened!

Hej Folks,

I’ve had some time to do a few updates that I’ve been meaning to do to the Niamh Brown Central website before the holiday kicks in (as I want to spend it on writing and not web stuff). I’ve removed the Passion For Poker section because my writing focus has finally shifted back the the science fiction series I’ve been writing for the past decade. I’m also going to be joining a writers group in Copenhagen next year, so I decided to remove the poker blog for now.

I’ve also reinstated some of the work I had done when I had the (premium) CafePress Store for my photography. I’ve pulled out the ‘insane world’ product line and it will be in a separate store to the photography work once it’s back. You can see my new Writing Store here. I’m going to be updating the photography site during 2010 so this should be the last update on the niamh brown central site for a while.

I’ve also added the Links section I mentioned in my last post to the main menu for quick reference and removed some links in my blog For The Hole Inside Everyone and put them in there so they are in one place.

I plan to spend christmas and new year writing and I will be posting my annual close and start of the year posts at the end of the month. See you then 🙂

Peace, Niamh xxx

New Blog Post: Ageism Works Both Ways

Hey Everyone,

Just a quick post to say I’ve made a few updates on the Passion For Poker poker blog recently about where things are going right now. Also I’ve created a new blog post from The Hole Inside Everyone called Ageism Works Both Ways about an experience I had yesterday out in the city to do with disability prejudice.

Anyway that’s all for now,

Take Care Folks!



Passion For Poker

Hey Everyone,

I had a week off from work recently and towards the very end of it I started a new blog for poker to collect my experiences and provide useful tools for those with a Passion for Poker! I realised this was a great way to combine my writing and IT skills in a fun new direction. As you may know I’ve playing about 18 months and run a game with friends at work so this was the next extension of it.

You can find the new blog by clicking here, or it is now listed on the main Niamh Brown Central site on the menu.

Peace, Niamh