The Cancer by Niamh Brown now 30% off at! Hurry whilst offer lasts!

Hej Folks!

I’ve been tweaking and updating a few things on my website (see new advert pane) I decided to give my self published science fiction short story The Cancer a different look. I gave it a grey scale palet as I felt it was more fitting to the subject matter. It light of this update I’ve decided to put the eBook The Cancer by Niamh Brown on sale at 30% off! Hurry whilst the offer lasts!

Peace, Niamh xxx

Battlestar Galactica Review No. 1 at!

Hi Guys,

About 3:30pm this afternoon I interrupted the office with a fist pump as I saw my article at had not only gone up from the 2nd place I earned on my 2nd day since posting, but had broken through to 1st place and another article had entered the mix! 1st of 33 at Helium is like a big Gold Star. I had to quickly explain myself, but it felt good. 😀

Well, sometimes you just gotta brag…heheh

If you haven’t seen it already you can check it out here: TV show reviews: Battlestar Galactica

Peace, Niamh xxx

TV Show Review: Battlestar Galactica

Hi Everyone,

Just a quick post to say I recently finished watching Battlestar Galactica Series 4 and I’ve done a review of my impressions. As you may notice I really enjoyed the story and I cried tons on the final episode. I couldn’t stop thinking about it so I decided to sit down and write a review, my first post on Helium for a while. Since I posted it this lunchtime its jumped from 9th of 32 articles to 3rd of 32.

To see my review and details of the show you can click here: TV Show Reviews: Battlestar Galactica

Well I’m off to enjoy the rest of this insanely good weather over here in Denmark and to write some more on a new For The Hole Inside Everyone blog post and my latest short story, which I’ll post about once I’m done.

Enjoy the weekend 🙂

Niamh, xxx