New Blog Post: Moving From A Monoglot To A Polyglot Culture

Hej Folks,

Just a quick post to say I’ve written a new post on my blog For The Hole Inside Everyone called Moving From A Monoglot To A Polyglot Culture. This has been playing on my mind for sometime since the last time someone asked me why I’m shy and I don’t speak more Danish round our office in Copenhagen and this is the result of that thought a few weeks after the fact.

Also whilst I’m here I thought I’d say how it went at the Helium Competition at their Pulitzer Center. I was 3/12 at one point then my ranking dived bombed more badly than any of my other Helium articles, so I guess it shows you you should write what you know no matter how well you do your research! I was just hoping to win an iPad otherwise I wouldn’t have entered on that topic.

I also just brought my .com domain for my 6 book Science Fiction Series which is exciting (8 letters all one word, which is pretty good for a .com url these days). There probably won’t be much up there until I’m ready to launch the first book but it’s good to know I have it in reserve for when I’m ready; makes the project all that more real.

Anyways, that’s all folks for now!

Peace, Niamh

Niamh Brown now on Facebook!

Hej Folks,

Just a quick post. It only took me forever but I’m finally on Facebook. Out of all the tools I’ve used to try to manage quotes and links this seems to be the one that makes sense, as after a while of looking over everyone’s shoulder I can see finally how convenient Facebook is!

So from now on things like that will go here as well as general news and the artwork I create. Niamh News will continue as it has done but I’m just moving some of the functionality from word press and delicious to Facebook to make it easier for me in the long run. Often I forget to update my quotes or links page for example so I’m hoping this will allow me to collect as I go instead 🙂

Peace, Niamh

New Blog Post: Start the Year 2010

Hey Again,

Well it’s 2010, a new year, a new decade. After doing my Close the Year 2009 yesterday I’ve now done my intentions or resolutions for 2010, what I’m aiming for and what I would like to see happen over the course of the next year.

My post is on my blog For The Hole Inside Everyone and it’s called Start the Year: Resolutions 2010.

Hope you had a great time last night!

Peace, Niamh xxx

New Blog Post: Close the Year 2009

Hej Folks,


I’ve just published my annual Close the Year review for 2009. This is something I began last year after I started publishing my resolutions in 2007. It was a nice way to look over the year and see what I’ve achieved and what I want to let go of. I can quiet easily forget the things I’ve accomplished so this is a way for me to remind myself of the good I’ve done in the year.

You can see my review at my blog For The Hole Inside Everyone called: Close the Year: Review 2009

Have a great time tonight, I’m waiting for the ring of fireworks to start around us (last time then went on until about 1am!)

Peace, Niamh Brown xxx

Holiday Sale at Becoming Miss Brown Store – save up to 15% on sale items

Here is the revised banner since I launched the site. I did a lot of SEO reworking on the store the past few weeks and to launch the 2.1 version of the store I have a holiday sale on. Hope you all had a great Christmas, niamh brown xxx

Funny Gifts for Funny Quote Lovers! Welcome to the Wacky World of Niamh Brown!

Looking for a funny gift idea? Come this way!

This shop sells funny t-shirts, funny mugs, funny bags, funny clocks, funny pillows, funny journals and other funny gifts from my own writing that I find I would like on something around me to pick me up throughout the day.

I’ve been writing ‘seriously’ for a about a decade now and this shop is the start of an archive of quotes from my own work.

Current Product Line: Insane World

“If you are unsuccessful in an insane world you are going in the right direction”
~ Niamh Brown

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Niamh Studios Photography Site Revamp:

Niamh Brown Store Re-Opened!

Hej Folks,

I’ve had some time to do a few updates that I’ve been meaning to do to the Niamh Brown Central website before the holiday kicks in (as I want to spend it on writing and not web stuff). I’ve removed the Passion For Poker section because my writing focus has finally shifted back the the science fiction series I’ve been writing for the past decade. I’m also going to be joining a writers group in Copenhagen next year, so I decided to remove the poker blog for now.

I’ve also reinstated some of the work I had done when I had the (premium) CafePress Store for my photography. I’ve pulled out the ‘insane world’ product line and it will be in a separate store to the photography work once it’s back. You can see my new Writing Store here. I’m going to be updating the photography site during 2010 so this should be the last update on the niamh brown central site for a while.

I’ve also added the Links section I mentioned in my last post to the main menu for quick reference and removed some links in my blog For The Hole Inside Everyone and put them in there so they are in one place.

I plan to spend christmas and new year writing and I will be posting my annual close and start of the year posts at the end of the month. See you then 🙂

Peace, Niamh xxx

New News Blog!

Hello Everyone,

This is just a quick post to say what this blog is all about. I’ve started this blog ahead of my site revamp, which I’m doing ahead of new writing submissions this year, to make my site more professional looking for those interested in purchasing my writing.

Those who may know me maybe wondering, not another blog she already has three! Well it’s not really a new blog, it’s a new news blog. The MySpace Blog I’ve been using for general news for nearly 2 years has become tiresome to use. I only really log into MySpace now to do news updates and since I’m letting go of the affiliate/profile model of generating money it made sense to let go of this too.

In rethinking the Niamh Brown site my love of Word Press has led me create a replacement here, as I can manage them all under one roof in a much easier format. I will be updating my MySpace profile with my new Bio, which will be coming shortly but not just yet.

I doubt I’ll repost the old news here, but I’ll link to the MySpace blog so you can get back to earlier work if your interested, but I quite like the idea of a clean slate now I’m stepping up a gear in my writing career.

I will be keeping my ‘For the Hole Inside Everyone‘ blog, which is going to be on a low priority for now, but it will still collect my reflections and thoughts as I journey through life that I feel might help others (and should latter become a blook). I felt I didn’t want to dilute it with the news items spanning all my work/life. This separation issue was the only reason I kept the MySpace blog going as long as I did, but now I feel this solution is the best of both worlds.

Well, as for my first piece of writing news I’m currently typing up a short story I’ve written on the train to work over the past week in my new job (It’s going really well so far) and I should be editing it and submitting it shortly to various markets once I’ve updated the copy on my website a bit more. More news on that shortly.

Anyway this is it for now. Feel free to add this blog as an RSS feed as this will be the one stop shop for knowing everything going on in the Niamh Network!