Attending Danish Lessons and Losing My Legs

Hi Everyone,

I haven’t been active recently as I’ve been in a low energy state for a couple of weeks. I also began my Danish classes and I’ve been to two already. I can say a few things like Hvor kommer du fra? (Where do you come from) and Jeg hedder Niamh (My name is Niamh) and count to 20.

My ankles finally gave in again this week. I’m thinking about getting some insoles to support the arches of my feet as they are really flat now and I can’t help thinking this is pulling on my leg muscles in other ways. I’ve been thankfully off work the end of this week due to public holidays so I’m at least getting a chance to rest up. The extra journey from work to the my classroom and back again isn’t long but it’s enough that going twice this week set it off again.

It’s weird being 30 but thinking about the world as if I’m collecting my pension. Every act I do has to be thought through carefully in order to workout if I can do it and how. Just today I had to go to the shop as there was nothing in the house, I had to rest my ankles enough before hand so they could cope with being on my feet long enough to go round a store. It’s the same round the house, sit down do a bit of house work, sit down do a bit more.

It’s not that I can’t accept it, god knows I’ve had long enough to get used to the idea, but only 5 years ago I didn’t need a cane and now I use it every day and often indoors. It makes me wonder how my legs will be in another 5 or 10 years. Last year we even talked about a wheelchair once when I couldn’t cope walking round one of the billions of Ikeas here.

Anyway I don’t want to let this run on as whatever happens is completely out of my control, but it’s been floating around my head so of course it comes out in my writing. However I suspect that for the next 6-7 weeks or so my writing output will be close to nothing as, if this week is anything to go by, I will need to transfer that time and energy into my class. So if the website is a bit low on activity that is why.

Anyway I hope you enjoy your weekend,

Peace, Niamh xxx