Niamh Brown is now Google+ Compliant

Hej Folks,

I’ve been recently converted to Google+ and thought it was about time I mentioned it on my main website. I’ve not been all that well recently so I haven’t had much time for website updates but I thought I’d mention it as it is where most of my web activity is right now as it’s so easy and conveniant.

If there are any major updates then i will continue to post them here when I can, but for day to day sharing of things and public commenting I’m doing that on G+. As my husband +Raymond Kingdon said: ‘Facebook is for handling the past, Google+ is for handling the Future’

You can find me at G+ as +Niamh Brown or here:

As for other news I completed the final chapter in a collaborative book with 4 other Copenhagen writers and we hope to get it into print, so watch this space 😀

Niamh Brown