I Got My First Real Compliment From An Editor Today :D

After a long rough night at the Hospital last night where I found out I had a problem with hyperventilation syndrome I came home and once I was well enough to check my emails again I saw the following email from an Editor at bhuman.co.uk:

“We have reviewed your story and this is normally the bit where we send you an updated copy, however your story was excellent in both (sic) quality, detail and accuracy. If you haven’t already, you should really consider using your skills as a writer often.”

Not surprisingly it really made my day. Once my story is published online it will also become part of a anthology of personal stories, which will be sent round to those who need to know they are not alone with their struggles. Writing the story has been very cathartic for me and has allowed me to let go of some old baggage that I should have chucked out ages ago.

Once the story is online I will post the link to it, but for now here is the proof! ;D


Niamh Brown now on Facebook!

Hej Folks,

Just a quick post. It only took me forever but I’m finally on Facebook. Out of all the tools I’ve used to try to manage quotes and links this seems to be the one that makes sense, as after a while of looking over everyone’s shoulder I can see finally how convenientĀ Facebook is!

So from now on things like that will go here as well as general news and the artwork I create. Niamh News will continue as it has done but I’m just moving some of the functionality from word press and delicious to Facebook to make it easier for me in the long run. Often I forget to update my quotes or links page for example so I’m hoping this will allow me to collect as I go instead šŸ™‚

Peace, Niamh


New Blog Post: Close the Year 2009

Hej Folks,


I’ve just published my annual Close the Year review for 2009. This is something I began last year after I started publishing my resolutions in 2007. It was a nice way to look over the year and see what I’ve achieved and what I want to let go of. I can quiet easily forget the things I’ve accomplished so this is a way for me to remind myself of the good I’ve done in the year.

You can see my review at my blog For The Hole Inside Everyone called: Close the Year: Review 2009

Have a great time tonight, I’m waiting for the ring of fireworks to start around us (last time then went on until about 1am!)

Peace, Niamh Brown xxx

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Holiday Sale at Becoming Miss Brown Store – save up to 15% on sale items

Here is the revised banner since I launched the site. I did a lot of SEO reworking on the store the past few weeks and to launch the 2.1 version of the store I have a holiday sale on. Hope you all had a great Christmas, niamh brown xxx

Funny Gifts for Funny Quote Lovers! Welcome to the Wacky World of Niamh Brown!

Looking for a funny gift idea? Come this way!

This shop sells funny t-shirts, funny mugs, funny bags, funny clocks, funny pillows, funny journals and other funny gifts from my own writing that I find I would like on something around me to pick me up throughout the day.

I’ve been writing ‘seriously’ for a about a decade now and this shop is the start of an archive of quotes from my own work.

Current Product Line: Insane World

“If you are unsuccessful in an insane world you are going in the right direction”
~ Niamh Brown

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Coming Soon in 2010:

Niamh Studios Photography Site Revamp: www.niamhstudios.com

New Links Section


As you may know I’ve created a Quotes and Notes section which collects random ideas I have and cool quotes I pick up around the place.Ā  Well I’ve recently just added a Writing and Creativity section and uploaded my first batch of these online.

I’ve also decided to create a Links page with collections of inspirational videos and web pages that I think fall into theĀ  ‘want-to-collect-and-put-them-somewhere’ category, so it might as well be here and public in case anyone else is interested.

The Links page is also on the right hand side of this blog.

…and just whilst I’m here. I’ve recently sent a fictional submission to Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine so hopefully should hear something back in the next month or so.

Peace, Niamh xx

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